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The entire site has not been translated. Nevertheless, we hope that this English section will allow you to know who we are and provide you with useful information.



Handy Ressources for Hurried Caregivers

Guide fHandy Ressources for Hurried Caregivers

The guide lists ressources useful for caregivers in each of the 7 MRC of the region. It also has a section for provincial ressources.

The guide was published by the Table régionale in collaboration with its partners and with the financial contribution of APPUI Estrie.

Partners of the Table régionale

Conférence des tables régionales de concertation des aînés du Québec

The Conférence des Tables régionales de concertation des aînés du Québec groups the 18 regional tables of the province. The presidents of the regional tables meet twice a year to discuss different issues of concern to seniors.  The Conference represents the regional tables to the provincial government.

Secrétariat aux aînés

The SAA (Secrétariat aux aînés) is the administrative branch of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, responsible for seniors in the province. The Table régionale is primarily financed by the SAA.

APPUI – Estrie pour les proches aidants d’aînés

APPUI – Estrie was the primary financial partner that made possible the production of the guide «Handy Ressources for Hurried Caregivers».


« Hommage de la Table régionale » Award

Every year, the Table régionale hosts the event Hommage de la Table régionale to recognize the contribution of a dedicated volunteer (50 years old or older), living or having made their contribution in the Eastern Townships and having significantly contributed to the improvement of the well-being, the quality of life, the participation and the recognition of the role of seniors in society.

The Estrie winner then becomes the Estrie’s candidate to the provincial award Hommage Ainé.

On the web page Hommage (in French), you will find the details of this recognition, this year’s winner and other recognition programs such as The Lieutenant-Governor Medals, and Hommage bénévolat-Québec.

About us


The Table régionale de concertation des aînés de l’Estrie brings together groups of seniors, as well as organisations that deliver services to seniors.

With its members and partners, the Table régionale prioritizes senior issues; it contributes and harmonizes actions to benefit the well-being of seniors.

The Table régionale represents the divesity of the region’s senior. It supports regional consulting towards the realization of common goals.

Major roles of the Table régionale

  • To contribute to the regional decision-making process on issues of concern to seniors.
  • To act as an information relay on a regional level.
  • To recognise the implication of volunteers working for the benefit of seniors.
  • To give the ministry responsible for seniors information and opinions on issues,
    • that concern the enhancement of the quality of life of seniors in the region,
    • that promotes solidarity between generations,
    • that encourages  pluralism and intercultural understanding.


The Commission des aînés et des retraités de l’Estrie is an outgrowth of the International Year of Older Persons in 1999 and the Regional Development Council of the time. For many years, the Commission worked for the well-being of the Eastern Townships’ seniors and ensured that they be heard by our politicians.

From February to May 2007, many organisations participated in a consulting process which resulted in a restructuration. The Commission des aînés et des retraités de l’Estrie was then replaced by the Table régionale de concertation des aînés de l’Estrie.

The present Board of Directors is representative of seniors’ organisations and is composed of experienced and dedicated members engaged in all areas of seniors’ services.


The board has one representative from

  • each of the 7 local tables of the Eastern Townships,
  • five representative from the region’s seniors’ organisations
  • two representatives from organisations giving services to seniors
  • one representative from the English-speaking community
  • two « exceptional » members chosen by the Board for their expertise

Board of directors, Table régionale

The list of current directors is on the page À propos of the site.



The Table régionale has three types of membership status : regular, affiliated and partner.

Members of the Table régionale de concertation des aînés de l’Estrie as of March 2018:


Regular members

AQDER (Association des directions d’écoles retraitées) – section Estrie

AQRP (Association québécoise des retraités des secteurs publics et parapublics) – Estrie

AREQ – région Estrie (Association des retraités de l’éducation et des autres services publics du Québec)


RIIRS-Estrie (Regroupement interprofessionnel des intervenants retraités des services de santé)

Table de concertation des aînés de Coaticook

Table de concertation des aînés de Memphrémagog

Table de concertation des aînés des Sources

Table de concertation des personnes aînées du Haut-St-François

Table de concertation des personnes aînées de la MRC du Granit

Table de concertation pour les aînés du Val-Saint-François

Table de concertation – secteur personnes aînées de Sherbrooke

Townshippers’ Association

Affiliated members

Actions interculturelles de développement et d’éducation

CAAP Estrie

Concertation estrienne contre la maltraitance des aînés

DIRA-Estrie (Centre d’aide aux aînés victimes de maltraitance)

Fédération des communautés culturelles de l’Estrie

Fédération des coopératives d’habitation de l’Estrie

Fondation VITAE

L’APPUI pour les proches aidants de l’Estrie

L’Escale de l’Estrie

Parkinson Estrie

RCABE (Regroupement des centres d’action bénévole de l’Estrie)

Société Alzheimer de l’Estrie

La Table EÉSAD de l’Estrie

REGUS (Regroupement des étudiants en gérontologie de l’Université de Sherbrooke)

Solutions Budget Plus

L’Université du troisième âge

DMLA Estrie (dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’âge)

Partner members

Antoinette St-Pierre

Lorraine Dean

Solange Goulet

Lili Vaillancourt

Paquerette Fortin

Louise Gagné

Becoming a member

We encourage you to contact us for any questions regarding membership.


Concertation… en bref

Our newsletter is called Concertation … en bref. It is published 5 times a year. It contains information on a variety of subjects relevant to seniors: activities of the local tables, grants for seniors’ programs, useful links, information, editorial from our President. The Concertation … en bref is offered free of charge to anyone who asks for it.

To be included on our distribution list, send an email to and you will receive the electronic version as soon as each issue is published. If you would rather receive it by mail, you may specify it in your email (or contact us otherwise) and we will send the newsletter to you in the format that you prefer (the newsletter is available in French only. You can view a summary of every issue and download the actual and previous issues on our French page Concertation … en bref.

Contact us

Table régionale de concertation des aînés de l’Estrie

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Phone: (819) 822-0204


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